BBNaija 2020: Prince Names Housemates Frustrating Erica

Prince has pointed the two other BBNaija 2020 housemates frustrating Erica

The diary sessions that are usually slotted for Thursday was pushed to today because yesterday the housemates had sponsored tasks and wager so there was no time for the pseudo-therapy sessions as usual.Biggie called Dorathy in while she was playing boards games to kickstart the diary sessions and following her was Prince.

Prince came in and said that his mood is low because generally, the energy in the house was low. He said he misses someone who is special to him, Tolanibaj and also touched on the fracas between him and Lucy yesterday. He said that he felt betrayed at Lucy implying that he was not really her friend when all he has done since he got into the house was try to support and talk to her.

Bbnaija 2020: Prince Names Housemates Frustrating Erica 1
BBNaija 2020 Prince

Then he told Biggie that he noticed some housemates were condescending and others, individualistic. Not mentioning any names was obviously in vain because Biggie wanted all the details. Biggie asked him to name the housemates who’re condescending and Prince manoeuvered his way out of calling names but on the housemate who was individualistic, he mentioned Lucy as the culprit.

Finally, he spoke to Biggie about his role as Deputy Head of House, he said that he tried his best to make sure that everything went smoothly considering that Erica had already confided in him about the people who would try to frustrate her. Of course, Biggie asked who he was talking about and he mentioned Vee and Lucy. Vee because it was obvious that both parties were not friends and don’t see eye to eye then Lucy because she had the tendencies of being troublesome and clashing with Erica.

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