BBNaija 2020: Neo And Vee In Another Untidy Reconciliation Family Meeting

Neo and Vee

Neo and Vee the first BBNaija 2020 couples to form in the house but after their fight on Saturday, that relationship is taking a sabbatical. Although they are back together, things are not the same. Vee may have agreed to be friends with him but there is no way she is going back to the one relationship they had at least not now.

The lovebirds, popularly called the ‘Shenkeses’ are one of the popular families as the other housemates call the couples in the house alongside the Wayas(Kiddway and Erica) and the Chukwus(Ozo and Nengi)

Saturday saw one of the biggest fights between the two and this lead to Vee relocation from their shared bed to a different one. While the argument was heated, Vee continuously said ‘Don’t beg me oh” and Neo promised to call her bluff saying that he will never come back begging

However, two hours later he was back to her bedside, begging to be back in her life. After a good two hours of begging, Vee accepted him back but just as friends, she said that if there was the hope of anything happening between them again, it would have to be when they are out of the house with a clearer view on things.

Relentless, Neo came back again today to beg her for forgiveness. This happened after their sports trivia when he called her into the room to have. A conversation. He said to he,

“ I don tell you say, sometimes I dey over humble myself. I could be totally submissive. You’ll see the side of me that you have never seen before”

Neo asked her to make the process of coming back into her heart easier because he does not want the gap they will have to fill outside the house to be too much. He said,

“The gap we have to fill is too much. I don’t want the gap between us to be too much, that I will be finding my way back to you. I wish I could get more and feel the way you used to make me feel.”
‘I want the girl that asked me to share a bed with her back, that is the girls I want back”

This is not the first time after the fight that Neo is begging for his spot as Vee’s lover again. Just a few days ago he was begging her to take him back and Vee was obviously not having it as she stood up and went into the kitchen leaving Neo with his heart in hand.

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