BBNaija 2020: Lucy In Tears, Fights Housemates On Ka3na’s Behalf

Lucy cries heavily as she fights for Ka3na during wager preparations

It is no news that Lucy and Ka3na hit it off from the first week in the BBNaija Lockdown house, forming an amazing friendship that eventually turned into a formidable alliance.

Yesterday, Lucy fell out with most of the housemates after walking away from the rehearsals for the wager. From what Dorathy said yesterday, Lucy acted like that because her idea was dumped by the rest of the house.

After Dorathy told her to keep her personal feelings to the side when they are working as a team, Lucy calmed down a bit but this morning Lucy got into that funk again when the BBNaija contestants were mimicking their fellow housemates which is prerequisite for their wager.

When it was time to mimic Ka3na and her kitchen behaviour of hoarding meat, Lucy got defensive. It was then that it hit that the reason Lucy had been on edge since yesterday was that the housemates were mimicking her bestie, Ka3na in a way that she did not like. She then decided to fight the housemates on Ka3na’s behalf.

Lucy went off on the housemates asking them to change the part of Ka3na they wanted to show. When they refused, she went to a corner refusing to participate in what they were doing. She begrudgingly said that she doesn’t care what they did anymore and they can continue with their preparations. The housemates went ahead with what they had planned to do and after the rehearsals, Dorathy and Prince sat her down and decided to talk to her.

Dorathy told her that she was always being sentimental during the general tasks because her ideas were not taken and also reminded Lucy that she had a habit of giving her suggestions when plans had already been concluded.Dorathy said,

“.. We all have to establish everything first, you’ll now wait for us to agree to do something before you now say ‘why don’t we do it like this’. yu wait for us to now want to start before you now say what you think we should do and I keep telling you this thing, too many times they have turned down my suggestion, too many times.”

Lucy who was on defence mode already told Dorathy that it was not just about her personal feelings. She said

“have you thought just for a minute that it is not just about what you think it is. Do you ever feel like maybe the things that we are doing is bringing up memories and feelings that we are already trying to heal, you are more interested in the funny part”

” I didn’t care whether you people took suggestions or not, it is not my business, this is my friend. She’s been friends to you differently. This was my own yesterday. I don’t care about suggestions, it’s the fact that it is the same box this girl has been in and it is the same box you people want to come and still open and display. This thing has caused enough pain already and it was already being forgotten. You people would have done the whole funny part but you people insisted that that was the only one you people wanted to display.”

Lucy was in tears and got emotional while she was talking about the fact that the housemates were mocking Ka3na’s weaknesses instead of painting her in a better light.
Dora and Prince tried to tell her that it was not that deep, they were only trying to have fun and win the wager. Moreover, other housemates like Tochi and Kaisha were also being mocked for one thing or the other that may not have been the best.

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