BBNaija 2020: Lucy Breaks Down In BBNaija Lockdown House(VIDEO)

Lucy, BBNaija 2020 housemates has had enough of the treatment she gets from her colleagues in BBNaija Lockdown house.

Lucy, BBNaija 2020 housemate, broke down a few hours ago over her fellow housemates’ attitude towards her.

Since losing their last wager, the fight over food was almost inevitable and last night it happened. The housemates had an argument over hoarding and sharing food among themselves.

Lucy was caught up in this argument and obviously frustrated by this went into the garden to let off steam after and Erica was there with her.

Recall that the both BBNaija 2020 housemates, Erica and Lucy had clashed last week and although had their differences, Erica was able to console and advise Lucy.

Lucy broke down in tears saying that she didn’t know what she did to the housemates that warranted the treatment that she was getting from them.

She told Erica
“How do you people sit down and judge me for the same thing I am doing for the good of the house!”
“No one does anything for me but when I do they are not satisfied. I do things without expecting anything in this house,”

Putting asides their differences, Erica consoled Lucy and told her not to go the whole nine yard s for anybody in the house but focus on herself instead.

Erica responded,
“Do whatever you feel like doing. Do your personal stuff. Don’t overdo it and hurt yourself. Don’t overdo anything because you’ll get stressed.
“Don’t expect things from people because if you overdo and they don’t rate it, you’ll be frustrated”

She went further to say that the reason the housemates treat Lucy the way they do is because of her attitude, how loud she is and manner of approach but she is appreciated by all of them.
Erica assured Lucy that she was always there for her,
“I’m always here for you regardless of everything that happened. I’m here as your friend or host partner if you ever need anyone you don’t have to be alone,” Erica said.

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