BBNaija 2020 Lockdown Season 5 Day 33, 34 and 35 Trending highlights

Welcome to the BBNaija 2020 Lockdown Roundup brought to you daily by Everyeveryng. My name is Judith and let’s get into it. The housemates participated in the Arena games on Friday evening and Praise won one week of pampering again.

After the games, Neo brought the very risky ‘Oracle’ games but not before Trikytee told Neo that Vee was controlling him in their relationship. The Oracle games were rated 18 and during the game, Tolanibaj was supposed to pick a male housemate to play with. She picked Prince and he refused, saying that he didn’t want to play but minutes later he played with someone else. Laycon was supposed to play a dare with Erica but he said he’d rather drink.

On Saturday the housemates had a sponsored task that was divided into the singing and choreography. Laycon’s team won the singing part and Praise’s team won for choreography. Towards the end of the day just before the party, Neo and Vee fought over food. Vee was angry that Neo ate semo without her, knowing that she doesn’t eat semo. Neo apologized and offered to make something else for her but she refused, still angry. This put Neo off and he said he wasn’t having the relationship again. The party started and Dj Obi lit up the party. For the first time, Neo and Vee didn’t dance together and the other housemates spent a better part of the party settling their fight. Please, guys, pick another time.

After the party, Dora who is a partial love triangle with Wathoni and Brighto spoke to Wathoni. She said that she would rather pick her friendship with Wathoni over anything with Brighto. The two ladies planned to prank Brighto seeing that he invited other ladies to sleep with him. Dorathy was to go to his bed for 15 minutes and report what his reception to her was. After being ignored by Brighto, Dorathy slept off forgetting the plan. Vee and Tolanibaj told Wathoni that Brighto is catching cruise with her and Dorathy.

Biggie returned on Sunday and the housemates were excited not knowing that Biggie was coming to dish out strikes and punishments. Kiddwaya, Erica and Tolanibaj got one strike each for Head of House lounge infringement while Ozo and Erica got one strike each for whispering. The whole house gets punished for bad behaviour too. They have no access to hot water till further notice or until biggie sees a change. Praise’s pampering session was also taken away from him.

Sunday evictions came and Praise was evicted after tying with Wathoni. Kiddwaya used his veto power to break the tie, sending Praise home. Ebuka also shook tables between Erica, Laycon and Vee. He asked Vee about all the things she said concerning Erica and Vee defended her statement saying that Laycon is her friend and she’ll always have his back first.

The budding relationship between Lucy and Praise had been shattered. What is Lucy going to fo next? We are also excited to see where this situation with Wathoni and Brighto leads.

Thank you so much for joining me today. My name is Judith, till next time stay safe!

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