BBNaija 2020: Full Details Of Sunday Diary Session, As Housemates Tell Biggie Those They Think Put Them Up For Eviction

Biggie and Diary Session

Biggie has given the BBNaija lockdown housemates another chance to chat with him a few hours to the week seven eviction show. The housemates always look forward to this session, and for this week Nengi was the first to be called in for her dairy session.

For these sessions in the diary room, only the six housemates up for possible eviction were called up to have a chat with Biggie and here are the things they told him.


One of the major questions Nengi was asked was the housemates she suspects nominated her for possible eviction last week Monday, and the name she gave might amaze you. According to her she believes Lucy would be one of them.

She stressed that Lucy has not been so close to her, because she thinks being close to Prince is not good and she wants to look out for her friend. For some reason, Nengi also told Biggie that Prince and Laycon would have also nominated her for possible eviction.

Though she thinks Dorathy would have nominated her, but she is not so sure about it. Should she be evicted, she said she would miss Biggie and his voice, really? nengi was however right about Lucy and prince nominated her, but Laycon and Dorathy did not.


Trikytee was also asked to guess the housemates who nominated him and he gave the guessed Lucy, Vee, Prince, Dorathy and Laycon did. He said he has not been close to Dorathy, while Lucy has not been in good terms with her because they disagree a lot. For Laycon and Prince, he said they might see him as a competition.

For the things he would miss, he said he would miss the free food, constant power supply, the morning alarm and Biggie’s voice. Meanwhile for the eviction, Those who nominated him are Lucy, Kiddwaya, Laycon, and Vee. So he was wrong about Dorathy and did not know that Vee nominated him for possible eviction.


When it got to Vee’s turn, she was so sure that Erica nominated her because of the issue that happened between her and Laycon. According to her, she is 90 percent sure that Erica nominated her.

Well, she is right about Erica nominating her for possible eviction, but she definitely didi not know that Dorathy nominated her as well. The two nominations she got came from Erica and Dorathy.

She will also miss that ask in the house and most importantly the free food.


Kiddwaya is also affirmative that he was Lucy’s first pick for eviction nomination. He also thinks Trikytee respects him, looks up to him, but would still nominate him because of the game. The third name he mentioned was Laycon.

He said Laycon would have nominated him because the whole Erica thing is getting to him and he would want either him or Erica out of the show to help him cope with the issue.

Kiddwaya added that Laycon is cool and he is his guy, stressing that they would work together after leaving the show, but Laycon would have nominated him to make the house conducive for him.

He said he would miss the tasks, the merchandise, prizes, and some other activities items given to the housemates on the show.

For Kiddwaya, he is so wrong with his predictions because none of the persons he suspected actually nominated him. Those who nominated him are, actually Ozo and Neo.


It was an easy ride for Lucy in the diary room as she went straight to assert that all the housemates would have nominated her for possible eviction.

She reminded Biggie that she was accused of being difficult to deal with therefore she is are that all of her fellow housemates nominated her.

The only thing she would however miss is Biggie’s voice, just like Nengi, right? But what of Prince and Dorathy?

But the people who nominated her are, Kiddwaya, Laycon, Nengi,Trikytee,Ozo and Neo. So Dorathy, Vee,Prince and Erica did not actually nominate her for possible eviction.


Laycon’s diary session was a long one, but he could only put a name to the faces of the housemates he thinks nominated him for possible eviction.

He thinks Ozo would have been the housemate who nominated him for eviction because they are not close and hardly talk to each other in the house.

The things he said he would miss are the morning alarm, the tasks, and all his growth and every activity in the BBNaija lockdown house.

Laycon was, however, wrong about Ozo nominating him for possible eviction because Dorathy, Nengi, Trikytee, and Erica were the housemates who did. So Laycon, Ozo did not nominate you.

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