BBNaija 2020: Dorathy Shades Neo Again

For the second time in the BBNaija lockdown show, Dorathy shades Neo.

The Lockdown housemates are only a few days away from the final night and as the house got smaller so did the conversations. The housemates spend more time sleeping and less time talking. Today, they decided to play board games and a game of concentration. During the concentration game, Dorathy shades Neo heavily implying that he was talkative. She said that it was a chore to listen to Neo speak because of how long he talks for.

She started her concentration sentence with saying it was an extreme sport listening to Neo and while playing the game, Nengi took the same route agreeing that it was indeed a chore to listen to Neo whenever he was speaking. Although this was all jokes and banter, Neo seemed to not find it funny because when it fell on his turn he said he was not aware of what the ladies were talking about but everyone was entitled to their opinion.

Let us hope this doesn’t translate into squabble because something similar happened between Neo and Dorathy while the housemates were having a rap battle that left Neo’s ego bruised causing him to storm out of the game.

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