BBNaija 2020: Dorathy gets mad at Ozo and Laycon, Snubs housemates

Dorathy, Ozo and Laycon

Dorathy Bachor went on a vent this morning over Ozo’s betrayal. It was obvious that Dorathy who is always the life of the party in the BBNaija Lockdown house was in a bad mood today. After dressing up for the day, Dorathy went into the garden to talk to Laycon who was in Ozo’s group yesterday and bared her mind to him over what they did yesterday.

She told Laycon that she has been upset with some housemates specifically, Laycon and Ozo because of the sponsored task yesterday which was why she was ignoring them and minding her business so she doesn’t say hurtful things to them.

Dorathy was team lead for her group yesterday same as Ozo and Neo and while having their treasure hunt Ozo misled Dorathy into thinking that he did not hide any of her team’s items in the closet of the bedroom when that was exactly where he hid them. Dorathy was very annoyed that Ozo would betray her that way knowing that she doesn’t possess the same physical strength as the guys and turning the house upside down was going to wear her out easily. She told Laycon that although she understood this was a game, she was not expecting that kind of treatment from people she considered her friends.

Laycon’s crime in all of these was not speaking up when he saw her struggling with both phases of the game when he could have easily interpreted the general brief for her when he saw that she didn’t understand it. She said it would not have changed anything seeing that all the housemates were given a general brief.

Laycon apologized and said he was not aware of what Ozo had done to her initially and as for the second part of the game, he should have said something but he didn’t and he was sorry for it. Although Dorothy hadn’t spoken to Ozo about it she said she was tired of the bad energy in the house and that was why she had to speak to Laycon about it.

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