BBNaija 2020: Dorathy and Trikytee In Hot Showdown

Dorathy and Trikytee

Dorathy and Trikytee had a hot showdown on Thursday night after they finished the sponsored task for the day. You can call It money palaver and you can also be safe o call it “a sore loser palaver.” Whichever way, you can be sure to have defined it very well.

All the housemates were given a chance to smile after they were done with the task because there was no clear cut loser at the end of the day. Everybody went home with a prize.

The winnings started with Neo who got five hundred thousand from coming first at the end of the first stage of the task. He was was also made the moderator of the task, so you can also call that a good day for Neo.

They were subsequently given a task to made a costume for themselves and also given special ingredients to cook the product of the sponsoring company. Two hours was the tike even to them to finish the task.

When the time to judge came, Biggie announced that it would not be done on the basis of who cooked best, considering the fact that the special ingredients that were given were based on their personality which no one had control over.

Though they all got points for tasting the different noodles made by the housemates with their special ingredients while they try to guess who cooked it. Then this is the twist, the four million naira given to them was to be shared according to the points they got. So here is the amount each person got.

Nengi – 3 points – N413,000

Ozo – 3 points – N413,000

Vee – 4 points – N551,000

Laycon – 4 points – N551,000

Dorathy – 4 points – N551,000

Trikytee – 5 points – N681,000

Neo – 6 points – N827,000

Dorathy’s countenance showed that she was not happy with the way the money was shared and Trikytee noticed it, so he approached her.

The room became hot when Dorathy told Trikytee that he would not be saying that if he had gotten 3 points that she got.

Trikytee in his response responded saying he is not a sore loser like her maintaining that he would still be happy to get the over half a million naira she did just for cooking noodles.

The banter went on and on, and this showdown got other housemates talking.

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