BBNaija 2020 : Do The Viewers Vote Really Count?

Let’s go through the BBNaija voting process and biggie’s new BBNaija 2020 voting twist.

Today marked the third live eviction of the BBNaija 2020 season and Kaisha was the fifth housemate the house. This season,Biggie introduced a new BBNaija voting process that gave the housemates the final stay on who gets to stay or leave.

The process begins with the viewers voting for their favourite housemates and the four housemates with the least votes from the viewers are put before the housemates to be voted against.

Bbnaija 2020 : Do The Viewers Vote Really Count? 1

Over the last month, the BBNaija 2020 housemates who have been evicted were not necessarily at the bare bottom of the list but were those that the housemates had not bonded with, saw as competition or had issues with.

Although this new method could help improve the relationships between the housemates, there are also some loopholes that the viewers have noticed with this new eviction method and aren’t hesitant in showing their dissatisfaction.

This new method begs the question, ‘do the viewers votes really count?’

If the viewers put in their all to vote for their favourite housemates and at the end of the day, this favourite goes not because they were with the least votes but because the housemates deemed it fit for him or her to leave then does the vote really count?

Today, Kaisha, Trikytee, Wathoni and Neo had the lowest votes in this exact order having Neo with the lowest votes. This was the result of the voting from viewers during the week but after the votes from the housemates, Kaisha who had the highest votes of the four left the BBNaija 2020 house.

The voters are losing patience with this method with some even vowing not to vote again since their votes didn’t count and the housemates have the last say. The new BBNaija voting process obviously doesn’t sit well with some viewers.

What do think about Biggie’s new eviction system?

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