BBNaija 2019 Reunion: Housemates Express Regrets

BBNaija 2019 Reunion

While the BBNaija 2019 Reunion is winding up, the housemates have expressed regrets on some of the things they did while they were on the show and for some, it was about some things they did not do at all or did not do enough. But unfortunately, there is no second chance for being a housemate in Biggie’s house.

While they were being asked what they wished they could correct or take back from what they did while they were on the show, their responses were as different as their faces and dressing were.

Some were weird while others were …


The Drama Queen of the Pepper Dem gang has just one regret on the show and it is not about any of the things you might be expecting her to regret. It was not about what she said or did to anybody and definitely, it was not her disqualification.

Here is it, Tacha thinks she should have promoted her “No Leave, No Transfer” cliche more than how she did on the show. For her, she started chanting the phrase close to the end of the show, but she wished she had started that earlier than when she did.

The “No Leave No Transfer” cliche became a thing for Tacha right before she was disqualified and she did not stop promoting it even after the show was over.

Now she is making money from the cliche and either she said it a million times more than she did on the show or not, she might have been able to make something out of it more than what most of her fans who chanted it along with her could think.


For Venita, who referres to herself as “Queen Mother”, she wished she was able to show her true colour to some of her housemates while they were in the house.

She said, “I wish some people got my fire because they would not have tried to play me.” Hmm, as pregnant as that statement is, the question is, would Venita have been able to really burn anyone as she has said?

The other question here is, who is the person or people she hoped she showed her fire? Remember that the guys who were on her trail were Omashola and Frodd, but would she had wanted them burnt?


Since the beginning of the BBNaija 2019 Reunion, the former housemates have been talking about the people who offended them and also tried to mend ways, but Frodd seems to still have some things he has not told us.

When he was asked what he regretted about his activities on the show, he went straight for two male housemates. He said, “may be i would have shed more tears, more fights… Elo would have been my point of contact. I would have finished Elo and Seyi.”

Come to think of it, why is everyone regretting not showing enough pepper while on the show? Did they forget to unwrap the pepper they took to the house and now they are regretting not doing things?


Elozonam thinks he did not treat his relationship with Frodd very well and if he had the chance he would have done better. He thinks he allowed some of the things that Frodd did to him get so much to him, but that happened because he did not take time to study and know him well.

Hiding who you are and showing a side that will bring drama to the show is what BBNaija needs and maybe that was what Frodd did and it worked for him.

Remember that Elo did not spend so much time on the show and that might be one of the things responsible for his regret. But, that is what the show is all about, Frodd was able to play his game well with him and the rest is history.


The coin drama with Venita was it for Omashola, he kind of still regrets how he reacted to the whole thing. Though he has apologized to Venita for giving out the coins she gave him because he was angry with her.

Omashola stressed that when he got back to Warri, he was blamed for behaving the way he did to Venita knowing that they are both from Warri.

Since Venita is his sister all the way from Delta State, they were expected to stick together no matter what. Anyway, he has been able to show the viewers of the BBNaija 2019 Reunion show that he is in good terms with Venita, and that what happened on the show has not affected their cordiality in anyway.

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