BBNaija 2020: The People I Have Dated Are People Their Heads Are Not Correct, Bayelsa People Are Stubborn – Nengi

BBNaija 2020 and Nengi

Nengi has given the viewers of BBNaija another topic to talk about after making a statement about the men she has dated before now.

She was with Ozo and they started talking about power and money, considering how people tend to change when they acquire either of them or a combination of the two.

Nengi opined that people tend to change when they become rich or get to sit in a position of power and when they are also rich, but Ozo thinks that was not so correct.

Ozo thinks money or power would only bring out the real you and not necessarily change you. He tried to explain to her that he would have loved to help fix people up with his connections than to give people money that will not help them.

The conversation went round and round until it got to a point where Ozo said he knows that the housemates in the BBNaija lockdown house came into the house for different reasons.

He said he does not like to judge them with the way they behave in the house because some of them need the ultimate prize to pay their tuition, their siblings’ tuition, or take care of their family members.

Then Nengi came in saying she hates people who judge others. “I detest judgmental people, the people have I have dated are people that their heads are not correct.” What! She said this and some people could not believe what they heard and then she added to the statement. “Because my own head is not correct.”

Now Ozo was forced to take a closer look at her, so Nengi supported her statements with more from where she got those ones from. “Remember I told you that I can’t possibly be with a calm person.

Now that is true, she told Ozo some days ago that she does not like how peaceful he is, she literally said he is too peaceful for her. Please on this one, no comment.

She also said growing up in Bayelsa is not the same as growing up in Abuja or other places. She said her community in Bayelsa taught her to be strong because it was unavoidable to be in a situation where you would need to be hard.

Nengi stamped her assertion by saying Bayelsa people, “her people” are stubborn.

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