Bauchi Doctor Infects 10 People With Coronavirus

Coronavirus and Bauchi Doctor

Bauchi state Chairman, State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Rilwan Muhammed, said a doctor in the state had infected ten members of his family with Coronavirus after he was confirmed positive.

The doctor whose identity was not revealed was said to have refused medical care from his colleagues but went home a decision that unfortunately spread the virus among his family members, including his nine years- old son.

Muhammed, however, said while the 9- years- old son remained in isolation, other nine members of the family including the doctor, have recovered and have been subsequently discharged.

“ The doctor and nine of his family members were recently discharged, but the last child, the 9-year-old son is still in isolation. When the doctor got infected, instead of allowing the doctors to take care of him, he went home with it.

He ought to have placed himself on a sick roll and also others to treat him; you’re a doctor doesn’t mean you can treat yourself of COVID-19.”

He added that the doctor might have contracted the virus in the course of his duty, thereby advising infected health workers to submit themselves for adequate medical care instead of spreading the virus to their loved ones and the public at large.

According to him, a situation where infected persons deny having the virus or not presenting themselves for medical care is one one the primary challenge health workers are combating in the fight against Coronavirus in Bauchi state.

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