Baba Tee’s Ex Threatens to Make His Medical Report Public

Baba Tee and Ex

Nigerian actor, Baba Tee might be a fresh drama as his ex-wife, Dupe Odulate, has threatened to expose him by making public his medical report.

Dupe took to her Instagram page to make some hidden issues bear. In her long post, she warned Baba Tee against maligning her new husband.

According to her, the actor dumped her and she met her new found love about 8 months after then.

While thanking God for becoming pregnant at last, she hinted that her ex was the reason they never had a child together despite the fact that he was always calling her a barren woman.

Tell them you medically proven infertile from ur low sperm count profile and u refused to treat it and desist from cigarette smoking ( and this was the major cause of all our arguments,nothing else)….”

Tell them also that you have high blood pressure, that already killed 3 of ur brothers and even ur father and u have obviously had water retention in ur legs, yet u abuse cigarettes….

“Tell them how u used to call me barren before we got to know u were the one with d issue.(deny the impotency and ur infertility test result will fly over the internet)

After threatening to make his fertility test result public, she also alleged that Baba Tee attacked her with a knife and also subjected her to different forms of abuses.

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