Heavily Armed Robbers Kill, Bombard, Rob 6 Banks in Uromi

Video showing heavily armed robbers in Uromi, Edo State, has been trending on Twitter, as the men were spotted confidently firing gunshots sporadically in the air and towards the banks they were robbing.

What was deducible from the clips is that the armed men stormed up to five banks, namely; UBA, Zenith, First, Fidelity, Unity and Union.

On Wednesday 24, 2022, the date of the robbery, the robbers could be seen carting away with large bundles of money without the presence of any security to interrupt them.

The video showed how a planted explosive went off in front of Unity Bank as the thieves confidently walked into the building and took their time to unbundle cash and load in their vehicles.

Similarly, the criminals were also spotted going in and out of Unity Bank with heavy bundles of cash, and there were no security personnel present at the scene.

However, the two soldiers spotted close to the robbery ground were hiding for their lives and could only observe as the fully-kitted criminals progressively loaded no fewer than six vehicles with cash.

Sadly, images of up to five bodies were found lying dead on the streets of Uromi where the incident went down also flooded Twitter.

The dead bodies comprise three men and two ladies. One of the men is allegedly a policeman, while one of the girls is a secondary school student, seen soaked in a pool of blood, wearing her school uniform.

Meanwhile, the Edo State Police Command, through its spokesman, Bello Kontongs, a Superintendent of Police, SP, confirmed the incident but reportedly declined from giving any further detail.

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