BBNaija Arin: Women who Smoke are not Irresponsible

Former reality TV star Arinola Olowoporoku generally known as Arin has placed her weight in defence of women who smokes.

In an interview she had on Sunday, Arin said she tries not to opinion on people’s choices, especially when it affects their personal lives, adding that Women who smoke should not be judged.

She said there is nothing irresponsible about having tattoos, as People can be irresponsible with or without tattoos on their bodies.

“Having tattoos says nothing specific about one other than the fact that one has tattoos,” she said.

Arin noted that she uses nose rings because she loves to express herself at every chance she gets, through appearance, work, associations or ideas.

“I have always wanted jewellery in the oddest places on my body, so I did just that. There is nothing more to it,” she added.

Arin – I am not in a Relationship

Speaking on what she is currently doing, she said she worked as a freelance art curator, creative director and cultural producer before the Bbnaija house.

She noted that she is working as a cultural producer and doing other things such as writing, creative design and curating cultural events.

 Arin revealed she is going into the movie industry, and she’s also an aspiring scriptwriter with a few stories to her name, though none of them has made it to the big screen yet.

The pierced reality star noted that she co-wrote the first and most significant products in the Big Brother house while also expressing her passion for making costume designs for the music industry and designing iconic pieces for artists’ performances and music videos.

“All I will be doing would be big things, and my lovely ‘amazons’ with thorough insight and balanced reasoning will always support whatever I do. They loved me while I was the most unpopular(in the house) and they will love me now.”

Speaking on her relationship, Arin said, “I am not in any relationship. Let me even start with having a boyfriend first. No man is ideal, and I also do not think that the issue of having a relationship is worthwhile or necessary.”

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