Are you really a complete Nigerian?

Nigerians are, without a doubt, a funny set of people. We are known all around the world to engage in some certain activities which are mostly only peculiar to us. It is because of this reason I usually advocate for orientation camps for Nigerians when leaving the country so they do not go there to embarrass themselves in foreign countries abroad.

Squeezing bread before buying

Are you really a complete Nigerian if you go to buy bread from a shop without squeezing it to ascertain its softness. While this isn’t a healthy act, many Nigerians are guilty of it. This is because we all want to eat soft bread; coupled with the fact that a strong bread suggests it must have spent a couple of days at the shop and, therefore, isn’t fresh. Some other people go as far as smelling the bread, even though this doesn’t sit well with the sellers.

Honking at traffic light stops.

Everybody is yet to figure out why Nigerians are such an impatient bunch. “Lagosians,” especially, are guilty of this. However, their own unending sense of hurry can be attributed to the nature of the town. If you don’t hurry, you may be stuck in traffic for a longer time than you bargained for. But this does not excuse the act of honking at a red traffic light. It’s automated, therefore, your honks can’t and won’t affect how fast the colors change from red to green, but we find that Nigerians do this in many different cities, regardless of the traffic situation.

Arriving early

Are you a complete Nigerian if you arrive at an end at the prescribed time or earlier? Nigerians have what we call “African time“. This African time means arriving late at an occasion or event just because we feel others are going to arrive late too. Some people love to steal the show by making a grand entrance after the commencement of the occasion. You won’t be able to achieve this if you arrive before everybody else, hence the African time.

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