APC Under Attack for Calling PDP Failure

The All Progressives Congress, APC, starting from the most prominent member, President Muhammadu Buhari, among other party stalwarts, have been lambasted by a committed supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The highly critical analyst, Adebayo Samson, referred to the President’s comment where Buhari stated that whenever he hears the abbreviation “PDP”, what comes to mind is “failure”.

Reacting in Abuja yesterday, Adebayo replied by saying that the President has failed to ask Nigerians what comes to their mind when they hear his name and APC?

Adebayo stressed that the ruling party, which is a collosal failure and cluelessness in all ramifications of governance, should assess itself before talking about the opposition.

“Somebody who couldn’t manage cow and has never done any successful business in his life is talking about failure. Hmmmmmm!!!” He said.

Meanwhile, on hearing the comments of Adebayo regarding the President and the ruling party, a Government Official, Mr Henry Ochayi told the critic to ask opposition supporters what they could show for the past sixteen years.

He said ‘they will say Naira was cheap, they will say money was everywhere, they will say all Buhari’s achievements PDP initiated them. Till date, nothing to tell Nigerians they achieved.

According to Henry, he said there’s evidence that the ruling party delivered on its mandate, adding that Buhari can say look at trains, look at completed roads and housing, describing him as a – Wise President.

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