Anita Joseph Fights Fan Over Husband

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph fights fan over a seemingly innocent post involving her husband.

A popular blogger, Cutie Jullz called out the actress after the affected fan reported the case to the blog. According to the reports, Anita attacked the male fan who accidentally tagged her husband on an instagram post.

Anita Joseph Fights Fan Over Husband

The fan felt so bad about the attack that she told her sister who took to Anita’s DM to defend her. The victim”s sister accosted Anita and asked her why she attacked her sister who mistook her husband, Mc Fish, for a Cameroonian artiste, Fhishofficial.

As expected the defending sister was met with multiple insults from the actress, forcing her to take the matter up to Cutie Julls. The blogger wrote ,

“Actress Anita Joseph allegedly attacks Lady in DM for tagging her husband in a post.

“It’s reported that the tagger who was afraid run to her big sister who later went to face Anita in her DM too for allegedly making the sister cry 😩😩 wahala no dey finish for Naija [Pls swipe]”

Joseph is yet to respond to the blogger who called her out but she is sure to protect her husband if need be.


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