Angry Youth Dump Pregnant Woman’s Corpse In Police Station

Pregnant Woman’s Corpse

Ogun State youth in Ogun State have dumped a pregnant woman’s corpse at the Abigi Divisional Police Station in Ogun State after accusing that some of the police officers in the state were responsible for her death.

According to report, the heavily pregnant woman was being conveyed to the hospital on a motorcycle but was allegedly accosted and unnecessarily delayed by some police officers at a checkpoint.

A family member said the late pregnant woman identifies as Waidat Adedeji, was on her way to the Ita-Otu general hospital and assisted by one of her children, but was stopped on the way y the police officers for to putting on a face mask and not obeying the social distancing rule.

Dead Waidat Adedeji'S Body At Police Station In Ogun State
The Pregnant Woman, Waidat Adedeji’s Body at Police Station in Ogun State

The angry youth took to the streets, lamenting what they called police insensitivity, alleging that if the woman was not delayed at the checkpoint where she was said to have spent a while in gains and grew weak, she might have given birth to the baby and still be alive.

Though the woman was said not to have made it alive to the hospital alive, the Ogun State police have denied that its officers are responsible for the woman’s death. In her defence, the state police spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, the police officer could not be blamed for the pregnant woman’s death as they were only doing their job.

She said there were three persons on the motorcycle which is against the social distancing order of the state government specifying that only two persons should be on it. Oyeyemi added that the woman was instantly allowed to go after realising that the woman was in labour, so her death can not be blamed on the dutiful police officers.

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