Angel Smith Acquires Range Rover, Appreciates Who Made it Possible

Reality Tv star Angel Smith has shared a picture of her newly acquired range rover via her Instagram page and went further to show appreciation to the people that made it possible.

The 21-year-old star on Sunday posted a picture of herself standing beside the Range rover with the caption, “I paid rent and then I bought a car, grateful for 2021. It’s given me so much.

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Angel Smith Acquires Range Rover, Appreciates Who Made It Possible
Angel Smith acquires Range Rover

Taking to her insta story, Angel showed her appreciation to her team for making one of her dreams a reality while noting that the next thing is to buy her own house.

In her insta story, she said, “Wouldn’t have done it without @thelolalawal who constantly tells me to remember who i am, @prince_ii who continuously gives me moral support and of course God himself. I bought a car and i’ll buy a house next, Amen.

She also thanked her fans “Archangels” for believing and supporting her while noting that a win for her is also a win for her fans.

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