Agitation as Nigerians Search For First Lady

It would not be out of place to say that Nigeria is in a unique position in its existence right now, as in the past half-decade (at least) the country has seen all sorts of events and occurrences that range from mildly surprising, to utterly baffling. The agitation, confusion and anger have literally become commonplace these days.

Real agitation as Nigeria runs without her first lady

It is now over 5 months since Nigeria’s First Lady made a public appearance, or was even present in the country. Before her daughter’s wedding in September 2020, Aisha Buhari had been out of the country for a couple of months, and it is also important to note that she has not tweeted since November 25, 2020.

There has been word on the street that her absence from the country can be tied to certain occurrences in the Aso Villa and alleged skirmishes with her husband.

People on social media have also come up with all sorts of theories about why she has apparently abandoned her husband and his administration, and many have compared her to the First Lady of the previous generation, Dame Patience Jonathan, saying that despite how bad things were in her time, she never thought to abscond.

It remains to be seen whether the First Lady will return to the country anytime soon. She had initially said that her reason for leaving was insecurity, but reports later surfaced that she was out of the country to undergo a medical checkup.

Whatever the real reason might be, Nigerians are searching for their First Lady. Will she return? Or is she gone for good?

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