African Insurance Organisation Conference 2021: 4 Things to Look Out For

The African Insurance Organisation Conference 2021 will reveal the continent’s numerous potentials, especially as the region is experiencing advancements in industrialization and is perceived as an investment destination for foreign and local investors.

The Conference, abbreviated as the AIO Confab and General Assembly, marks the 47th edition and is expected to attract some economic prospects to Nigeria in particular.

The 47th AIO Confab and General Assembly will also witness the assemblage of hundreds and even thousands of insurance professionals from overseas and within the African Continent to discuss and address topics around risk management in our local industries.

Another target is to portray the promising future of Nigeria and Africa to the world, intending to build the confidence of foreign investors and promote the continent’s strength in respect to its human and natural resources.

Availing the public with this information is the Chairman, Nigerian Insurers Association, NIA, Mr Ganiyu Musa, who spoke at a press conference to notify journalists of what to look out for at the event.

He hinted the theme of the Conference, which is “Rebuilding Africa’s Economy: An Insurance Perspective,” where the panel of discussants would also address four other subtopics regarding contemporary issues affecting the insurance industry.

African Insurance Organisation Conference 2021
African Insurance Organisation Conference 2021: 4 Things to Look Out For 4

African Insurance Organisation Conference 2021

Four things to look out for at the 47th AIO Confab and General Assembly:

  1. The new normal: How Leaders Can Reset for Growth Beyond COVID-19;
  2. Regulation, Innovation and the Future of Insurance;
  3. Harnessing the Potential for Growth and Development in the Nigerian Insurance Market;
  4. AfCFTA and the African Insurer: Prospects and Opportunities.

According to Musa, several other subsectors like the support services and the hospitality industry, to mention a few, will also be benefitting from the Conference. As he further states, the point here is that Nigeria stands to gain a lot as visitors are already booking hotels, which will boost the country’s economic wellbeing of the country.

Aside, some foreign visitors are reportedly in Nigeria already to tour some of the famous places they’ve either seen or heard of online. This activity alone hopes to grow the income realized from the country’s travel and tourism sectors, respectively.

Benefits of the 47th AIO Confab and General Assembly

African Insurance Organisation Conference 2021
Mrs Ebelechukwu Nwachukwu

Meanwhile, on her part, the Chairperson of the Local Organizing Committee of the 47th AIO Confab and General Assembly, Mrs Ebelechukwu Nwachukwu, reiterated that the Conference, following the line of tourism, would display the rich culture and ways of Nigeria.

She also noted that the event would significantly attract foreign investors to Nigeria’s insurance sector and other sectors, consequently advancing the nation’s economy.

You would note that the forthcoming African Insurance Organization, AIO Conference and General Assembly is slated to hold in Lagos from 4th to September 8th, 2021.

Earlier, Mrs Nwachukwu highlighted some of the critical features of the 2020 AIO Confab and the challenges encountered during the preparation period.

She said it was challenging because of the sudden entry of the coronavirus that caused widespread deaths and disruptions to economic activities.

She recalled that the period witnessed stringent health protocols and travel restrictions put in place by governments worldwide.

These restrictions eventually led to the postponement, and in some cases, cancellations of significant events and conferences, even the upcoming 47th AIO Conference and General Assembly initially slated for May 31st to June 3rd.

“With the increase in vaccination, relaxation of travel restrictions, decrease in global infection rate and reduction in fatalities all over the world, the Nigerian Insurance market and Executive Committee of the AIO concluded that the Conference could now hold safely in September 2021 in the hope that the pace of vaccination will continue to improve while infection rate and fatalities trend downward.” She said.

To accommodate participants who are unable or unwilling to be physically present but would like to enjoy the Conference from the comfort of their different locations, the LOC and AIO Executive Committee resolved to host a hybrid conference with a limited physical presence.

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