Adekunke Gold Expresses Frustration About Customs Duty

Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold has expressed frustration about how customs duty frustrates many business owners and those who are intending to venture into business in the country.

In a post on his Twitter handle, the singer noted that customs duty has crippled many businesses in Nigeria despite efforts by some individual to engage in a legitimate business.

However, Adekunle Gold, who seems to have a business that is affected by custom duty or intending to venture into one prayed that God makes things easier for people who are into business.

The singer ended the tweet by saying that he was tired of the challenges that come with business and custom duty.

“People are trying their hardest to do legitimate business in the country. Custom Duty is there doing a lot of madness and crippling businesses. Lord, make it make sense. Because I’m really tired.”

Customs Duty

Customs Duty
Adekunke Gold Expressed Frustration About Customs Duty

Reacting to the tweet, one of the singer’s followers @happyBBB said his mother lamented how custom officials demanded 1.5m as a bribe to release her container.

He added that her mother’s goods were held for almost a month and had to pay extra for all the fees because of the delay.

Also, many other people commented on the tweet as they also narrated their ordeals in the hands of some custom officials.

Customs duty is a tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.

The essence of customs duty is to protect each country’s economy, residents, jobs by controlling the flow of goods, especially restrictive and prohibited goods, into and out of the country.

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