Adamawa State: Students Demonstrations Take Another Turn

Students demonstrations in Adamawa State FederalCollege of Education take another dimension as the school sited in Yola has been closed indefinitely.

From a simple demonstration, the students turned the protest into a violent one, leading the school authority to make a drastic decision by shutting down academic activities.

It was gathered that the undergraduates started lamenting over the poor living conditions on campus grounds and deciding to take action against the non-responsive authorities.

The Students decried the lack of water supply among other basic amenities in the learning environment, including their dormitories.

The protest went from peaceful agitations into a violent riot that eventually led to the closing of the semester so as to avoid any further vandalisation of the school properties.

Military Presence Turns Students Demonstrations Violent

During the protest, violence erupted when armed military personnel and other security operatives chased some of the rioting students.

Agitated by the presence of the security operatives, the students went wild and decided to set fire on buildings and destroy stores around the area.

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