Actress, Yvonne Nelson Says Marriage Isn’t An Achievement

Popular Ghanaian actress and model, Yvonne Nelson has replied a troll by stating that marriage isn’t an achievement.

The mother of one who recently called to quit the Ghanaian film industry listed things worthy to be called achievement in life as she replied an Instagram troll. According to the single mother of one, real love, kids, education and happiness are achievements for her and not marriage.

Yvonne Nelson however stated that she would get married when it feels right to her.

She wrote “marriage like i always say isn’t an achievement for me. Real love, kids, an education and happiness are! You cant tell me how to live my life. The SOCIETY you wanna please so much will kill you oneday. No one cares about you anyways. I’ll LIVE the way i want it. I can do the so called marriage when it feels RIGHT TO ME”’

Yvonne Nelson On Instagram
Yvonne Nelson on Instagram

The Instagram troll has earlier commented on Yvonne’s photo on her page. He wrote, ”@YvonneNelson wont you marry, you are getting old is this how being famous bring”

Yvonne Nelson, a former  Miss Ghana contestant, bust onto the movie scene with big-screen roles in ‘Princess Tyra‘ and ‘Playboy.

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