Actress Uche Ogbodo Shares Near-Death Experience

Nigerian film actress Uche Ogbodo has recounted her near-death experience from an illness she had years ago after being diagnosed with acute Angioedema.

On Thursday, the controversial actress, in an interview with ‘legacy TV‘ spoke about her ailment and how she survived.

Uche Ogbodo recalled the discrimination she encountered from people who thought she had HIV due to her skinny appearance at the time.

Uche Ogbodo Survived Deadly Disease

The 42-year-old mother of 2 said the illness caused her intense fatigue that led to her collapsing on several occasions during movie shoots.

Uche speaking said, “I became sick at the end of 2019…a lot of things were happening to me but I realised that I became sick due to too much stress. At some points, I even fainted while on set…which is like the first time in my life.

“I had three deadly ailments and that messed up my whole life…blood count was terrible, hormones kept skyrocketing… I kept having this feeling that I was going to die. Something kept telling me I won’t make it to 2020.”

She added that she could not walk for weeks as the sickness was deadly due to the number of people that had died from it.

“Part of what happened to me was similar to that of Sound Sultan which killed him eventually,” she said.

Uche Ogbodo noted that she already gave up hope of living as she told the Sister to take care of her kids if anything happens to her.

She recalled that she was not bathing during the 3 months enforced lockdown because she could not take care of herself.

The actress appreciated her man, the Sister and her daughter who were there for her through the COVID-19 period.

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