Actress, Susan Peters Bares Mind on True Love

Nollywood veteran actress, Susan Peters,has taken to social media to share her opinion on true love and how it can be determined.

The screen star took to her official Instagram page to speak on the give and take in relationships and how true love can be determined.

She stated that a husband’s sincerity is known during his wife’s sickness while a wife’s own is known during a difficult financial situation of her man.

Her post reads, “The sincerity of the husband is known during the sickness of his wife. The sincerity of the wife is known during difficult financial situation of the husband”

She added that children’s true love for their folks can be known during their parent’s old age and the true nature of siblings is determined during the sharing of inheritance.

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Susan Peters Post On True Love
Susan Peters post on true love

Susan Peters captioned the lengthy post, “A true believer is known during times of hardship 💯 don’t give up , keep the flame burning ❣️”

The 40-year-old who has acted in several Nollywood movies married a Dutchman in 2015 but is now divorced.


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