Actress, Mide Martins Talks Tough About Brother

Nollywood actress, Mide Martins has come out to respond to allegations concerning her abandoning brother, Damilare Peters.

The screen diva has received backlash from Nigerians after a blogger stated that she abandoned his brother as well as his alleged father, Sir Shina Peters. Read More

Mide has now debunked the allegations stating that she abandoned her brother, Damilare, who her mother allegedly bore for the juju maestro.

Mide Martins, Funmi Martins And Damilare
Mide Martins, Funmi Martins and Damilare

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress revealed that Damilare is her blood and it will be foolish to state that she ignored him.

She went further to state that despite her many attempts to take custody of the lad, some people are frustrating her efforts in doing so.

In her words, “I didn’t want to say anything about this all the while because I believe it’s a family issue which should rather be settled amicably between ourselves rather than being dragged on social media.

Damilare is my blood brother It is not possible for me to neglect him but there’s much more to this story than you all know which I’m sorry I will not go into details because it’s a family matter”

Mide Martins also used the opportunity to ask for permission to have his brother back.

Damilare is said to be living with their uncle since the demise of their grandmother.


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