Actress Kemi Afolabi Narrates Armed Robbery Ordeal in Traffic

Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi took to her Instagram page to narrate her ordeal in the hands of armed robbers in traffic. 

This incident is happening hours after Actress Beverly Osu advised ladies to be vigilant and have pepper spray in their cars to defend themselves from traffic thieves.

Kemi posted a video and pictures on her Instagram page, which showed her car windows smashed and a cutlass was used to cut her arm. She also noted that she posted the message through her daughters’ phone because all her belongings were stolen.

Actress Kemi Afolabi Narrates Armed Robbery Ordeal in Traffic

Her post reads, “I am in a state of shock! Traumatized!! I haven’t closed my eyes to sleep since yesterday.

I also experienced the highly poor insecurity state in Nigeria, which has become a norm. No matter how much we scream and cry, it always falls on deaf ears of those who govern us, even when death is involved.

My driver and I were attacked by armed robbers at Arepo where I went to film while in traffic on our way back home yesterday. They broke my windscreens, left my whole body with wounds and skin in pains because of the impact of the shattered glass, which was forcefully broken while I was in the car, my arm was cut with a cutlass, they took my phones, belongings and ran off! Sadly my driver also took a hit to his head.

Still, I am thankful because it could be worse!

However, this is nothing compared to what I’ve been through in recent times.

No matter what may come my way, I will forever be grateful to God for preserving my life.

PS: This message is typed via my daughter’s phone. If you are not able to reach me for now, you know why. IT IS WELL.

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