Actress, Ifemeludike Slams Parents & Children Over Local Dialect Issues

Ifemeludike Says It’s A Failure Not To Speak Or Write Local Dialect

Nollywood actress, Grace Ifemeludike, has taken to her social media to blast Nigerians over local dialect issues.

According to her, anyone that cannot speak and write their dialect have failed alongside their parents who were supposed to have taught them.

Actress, Ifemeludike Slams Parents &Amp; Children Over Local Dialect Issues 1

She then advised Nigerians especially those of Igbo origin, on the need to know how to speak and write their local dialect.

The Nigerian actress in a lengthy post on her Instagram page gave language as the first tool for socio-political influence and must not be taken for granted.

She wrote, “Parents please reduce this too much half baked English you speak at home with your children, introduce a pattern of communication with your indigenous language.

“Let them speak English with all the phonetics in school biko… We have a unique cultural heritage that must be preserved and protected by all means…” she added.

Ifemeludike also stated that Igbo language is the best in the world.

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