Actress Etinosa Takes Weird Decision After Her Father’s Death

Nigerian actress, Etinosa has taken a weird decision after she lost her father, Engineer S.O. The lady who broke the news about her father’s passing took to social media to announce how that has influenced her.

According to her, she has decided not to give birth again after knowing the kind of misery and pain life brings to people.

She wondered why people would have to come to this world, only to die in what she described as a game of life.

Etinosa wrote, “I am as guilty as the people who brought me into this game cos I inadvertently have brought my innocent offspring into the same game. I didn’t know better. But from now one thing is sure. I am not helping any mystical being bring more people into his game. I refuse to procreate henceforth.”

However, her decision has gained her some trolling on social media, with people claiming that she once advocated for celibacy, only to show up with a baby bump.

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