Actress Charity Nnaji Defends Maria over Cheating Allegations

Actress Charity Nnaji defends Maria after being called out by Cubana chief priest on Sunday over cheating with his sister’s husband.

On Sunday, popular celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest accused Maria of allegedly dating his ‘sister’s husband’, Kelvin, and threatening his sister.

In her Insta story, the actress Charity Nnaji was of the opinion that Maria should not be blamed, stating that how a man portrays his wife would determine how the side chic treats her. 

She said, “Nobody should blame Maria. how you present your wife and family in front of your sidechic matters. if you keep presenting them like grass goat will eat them up..

Following this, Charity was backlashed, which led her to make a new post on her Instagram page apologizing for her statement while noting that she doesn’t support cheating and extramarital affairs, so she would never support Maria’s actions.

She said, “i was only speaking to men in general who still feels that their wives is not enough for them, they should please not use their wives as a bedrock to their selfish interest..

Actress Charity Nnaji Defends Maria Over Cheating Allegations
Actress Charity Nnaji Apologises
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