Actress, Belinda Effah Changes Name Officially

It is a new dawn as popular Nigerian Actress, Belinda Effah changes name officially after going through a lengthy experience.

The screen diva took to her official Instagram page to share the good news with her followers. She announced that her name has been changed to Grace-Charis Bassey from Belinda Effah.

Belinda Effah Changes Name

Her Instagram caption read in part

“Hello my darlings, it is with great joy and absolute glory to God that I announce that my names have officially and legally been changed from Belinda Effah to Grace-Charis Bassey E. and will be honored and grateful if I am addressed as thus.”

Actress, Belinda Effah Changes Name Officially 1
Belinda Effah Changes Name

She thanked God, her friends and family for supporting her through thick and thin over the years.

Belinda, now known as Grace-Charis, excitedly announced that she had new projects underway while announcing a change in her business name too.

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