Actress Anita Joseph Offers Advice on Finding Life Partner

Popular Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has taken it upon herself to advise single ladies on finding a life partner.

The actress agrees to a post made by a lady, Sandynnah, who said ladies should stop using wealth and luxurious lifestyles as the criteria for choosing a husband so that they can see the true potential of their suitors.

Sandynnah post read, “Dear single girl! When you remove Cubana money, luxuriously furnished houses, machines in the driveway as your priority for husband material, your eyes will open to the potentials of husbands knocking on your door.”

In response to this, Anita Joseph said most ladies wouldn’t heed the advice but would still use luxurious things to pick their partner.

Actress Anita Joseph Offers Advice on Finding Life Partner

Adding that, using luxurious things shouldn’t be the way as choosing a partner is far beyond the physical realm, and ladies need to activate their spiritual antenna when looking for a spouse.

See post below,

Actress Anita Joseph Offers Advice On Finding Life Partner 1
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