Actress Ani Amatosero Cautions Ladies about Men

Nollywood actress Ani Amatosero has cautioned ladies about men following a trend on a guy who posted a picture of a girl that went on one week vacation with him and slept separately.

The actress took to her Instagram page to share her opinion on the matter. Ani said, “He is not your brother. Una no relate. No be your friend wey you follow go trip. Am sure you guys just met. You pack your load put am for box follow am for one week trip outside the country, and you expect him not to disturb you for sex? You really no well.

The actress further noted that only a low percentage of men would not ask for anything in return, but why should someone take the risk with the remaining percent of men.

She said, “Only 1% of men will not ask for anything. Why take the risk with the remaining 99%? It’s not about a woman getting a job. Some of una get long throat. Some get correct source of income, but pressure of getting luxuries no go let them get sense. Some of your favs never pay complete for clothes, houses, and cars wey you see them post wey no make you sleep well. They can even sleep with a native doctor for money. STOP EXPECTING TOO MUCH FROM MEN. Know this and know peace.

My opinion! Talk urs and pass without insulting me on my page make thunder no locate ur intestines.


Those that cares about ur clothes, what you drive don’t matter. Those that matters to your life don’t care about what u have but who you are.

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Actress Ani Amatosero Cautions Ladies about Men
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