Actor, Timini Drags Colleagues

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  • Timibi blows hot on Instagram
  • Timini Egbuson calls out selfish colleagues

Timini Egbuson simply known as Timini has taken to his Instagram page to drag his selfish colleagues and acquaintances.

The actor who was livid over the selfishness of some people did not hesitate to share his thoughts. Timini is of the opinion that anyone who does not refer their friends for business deals is purely selfish. He added that everyone prays for destiny helpers but that cannot happen unless people become selfless.

Popular Nigerian actor, Timini drags colleagues on socials.

In his rant, Timini wrote,

If there is an opportunity that can benefit someone you know and you keep mute about it – it says a lot about your character. I genuinely don’t understand people like this. “

Make it a habit of looking out for others not just yourself. We all pray for destiny helpers but are you even selfless enough to be one.”

Actor, Timini Drags Colleagues
Timini drags colleagues on socials

Although Timini did not call any names, it was obvious that this rant did not just erupt from the blues.

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