Actor IK Ogbonna Slams a Troll Over Alex Ekubo Broken Engagement

Actor IK Ogbonna has replied to an Instagram troll that spoke against his best friend Alex Ekubo’s broken engagement via a comment on his page.

Recall that Alex Ekubo was engaged to his fiancée, of which they were planning their wedding in November 2021.

However, Alex Ekubo and his ex-fiancee have reportedly unfollowed each other on the social media app Instagram, with came along with a mysterious remark from his ex-fiancee.

Despite his broken engagement, the famous actor was awarded a PhD in Arts and Culture and posted it on his page to celebrate his win, which sparked reactions from fans.

IK Ogbonna took to his page to post the actor and congratulate him for his latest achievement to celebrate this win. A troll was not having any of this as he dropped a comment trolling the actor.

Actor Ik Ogbonna Slams A Troll Over Alex Ekubo Broken Engagement 1

The troll commented that if the marriage didn’t give him a certificate, he collected a doctorate certificate.

IK Ogbonna, not having any of it, responded, “you are yet to get a working brain”.

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