Actor, Aremu Afolayan Points Finger At Nigerian Politicians For Police Woes

In the light of the recent #ENDSARS campaign, Nigerian actor, Aremu Afolayan has taken to his social media page, pointing accusing fingers at Nigerian leaders as the root cause of the Police/SARS brutality.

Aremu Afolayan, who has attacked the Nigerian Government in the past mentioned how Police have been underpaid and thereby transfer the aggressions on Nigerians.

He stated that Police are unhappy to see young boys owning phones worth more than their salary and have used the opportunity to get money off them.

He noted that Nigerians have suffered in the hands of the Politicians and Police should rather aim at the leaders they follow in convoy rather than the masses.

Aremu didn’t leave out Nigerians who go to the poll to vote in politicians even though they don’t have anything to offer than to use them during the polls.

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