Abuja’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Bridges You Should Avoid at Night

Hearing Abuja’s most dangerous bridges, what comes to your mind? Is it activities like robbery, rape, violent crimes, kidnapping, quick phone/laptop snatching, and so on?

Well, as they say in our local parlance, ‘When you no be Johnny Just Come, JJC,’ you should at least have an idea of what happens at night at some of the bridges mentioned in this article.

While it is certainly not safe at night to walk on lonely paths, the government, however, constructed pedestrian bridges to play a key role in averting avoidable accidents.

But many of these layouts have been hijacked by criminal elements parading themselves during the late hours to perpetrate all kinds of evil against unsuspecting workers heading home after a long day of hustling.

Abuja’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Bridges in no Particular Order

  • The Pedestrian Bridge at Sheraton Junction is one spot where personal experience has been garnered. This bridge gives you the chills the moment you step on it, and it’s hardly ever used by people walking through that lane. There have been reports of criminal activities there, where evil men lurking in the dark snatch women’s purses and bags and meting some level of injuries on them before setting them free.
  • Mabushi Pedestrian Bridge, directly opposite the headquarters of the Vehicle Inspectorate Office, VIO is another place of concern. Workers are advised to never walk alone while utilising that path.
  • Lugbe Bridges are some of the most popular ones in terms of crime-dominated activities. A bridge named police signboard has witnessed crimes and criminalities to a very scary level that anytime the security watch stationed at the spot vacates the area, the bag snatchers, and phone stealers would suddenly be getting a field-day without any interruption. Several Deaths have been recorded on that bridge even after the security presence was heightened.
  • Pedestrian Bridges along the Kubwa-Gwarimpa Expressway would not be exempted from the list of some of the most dangerous in Abuja. There have been major thieving activities in the aforementioned spots. Some stabbings, matcheting, and other forms of attacks have claimed several lives over the years.
  • The one at Nicon Junction is not to be taken lightly, for when it is nighttime, just have it in the back of your mind that you are in an unsafe zone. If it is work that delays you, then try to take a direct cab to your house from your office if you have the money, because it’s better you return home and safe than to either be injured and later pay heavily or die in the process.

There are several other bridges that you shouldn’t cross at night because of the dangers associated with them, so if you have your suggestion, kindly share with us your experience and where you think is the scariest pedestrian bridge in your area. 

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Abuja’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Bridges You Should Avoid at Night
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