Coronavirus in Nigeria: Abuja Residents Refuse Proposed Cemetery Site

Abuja residents refuse the proposed cemetery site. Some residents of Abuja around Galadimawa roundabout and games Village estates in Abuja have raised alarm over plans by the government to site the cemetery for the dead victims of coronavirus around the estates.

Speaking for the residents of this area, Gbenga Ambali, representative of the estates said the action may result in harmful consequences in future as the area depends on borehole as its source of water supply. He emphasized to such infectious disease cemetery should be located far from residential areas. Adding that same applies to infectious disease hospitals. Abuja Residents Refuse Proposed Cemetery Site

Abuja Residents Refuse Proposed Cemetery Site

He said: “We want to make it very clear that this would not be good for us, for two reasons. The number one reason is that most of us in this neighborhood, our source of water is through borehole, so if we have an infectious disease cemetery around us we are not safe.

“We want the government to rethink and have a change of mind on this. Number two reason is on the issue of the COVID-19 that we are all facing right now, nobody knows the full details of this disease. Bringing it close to us would be creating additional problems in the future.”

Abuja Residents Refuse Proposed Cemetery Site

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