Abia State Says COVID-19 Result of Governor’s Family

The government of Abia state has revealed the COVID-19 results after carrying out tests on the family members of the governor who tested positive to the virus.

The governor of Abia state, Okezie Ikpeazu tested positive to COVID-19 according to a statement released on Monday by the state’s commissioner of information, John Okiyi Kalu.

The commissioner also said that the governor of the state had ordered for all members of the state’s executive council and the COVID-19 inter-ministerial committee to test themselves for the virus following his positive test.

Abia State Governor’s Family Result

The commissioner for health of Abia state, Joe Osuji reported that after the tests were carried out, it was found that the wife and children of the governor were all negative to the COVID-19, as well as the staffs of the governor of the state.

The commissioner declined to comment on the location of the governor after rumours surfaced that he had been taken to a hospital in Abuja to receive better treatment and care.

The commissioner said, “all I know is that the governor is being taken care of, contact tracing is on and no immediate family member is positive.”

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