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A Call for Justice

A call for justice in our land

A land soaked with blood from our brothers

Brothers like Cain dealing with Abel

Yet the father acts like its nothing

Until sounds comes from a vuvuzela,

He’ll stretch his leg on a stool like its nothing

When shaken he arrests to release the killer

Haa! Where’s the justice in our land?

A call for justice in the land

The rich swallows billions then it is scandal

The poor nick in a pen then he’s thrown into gallows

Yet the judge feels equity is not the matter

Who will put an end to this?

When the end is blocked by bags of money

You mean no one is above the law in our land?

Hmmm! It is high time we cry for justice

A call for justice in our land

Our neighbour tends to eliminate our food source

We screamed and wailed so as not to endanger our species

Yet our leader says let them continue to feast on it

While they continue to protect their own territory

It is written ‘leopards will defend their cities

Aarggh! Will, you not hear the call for justice?

A call for justice in the land

We need to cleanse the blood-soaked land my brother

Defend the defenceless

Make equity in justice your priority

Life is surely in phases,

Mr. Judge, you have to think wisely

Because the table will always turn

Then you will also have to call for justice.

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