84: Nengi Sends Ozo Valentine Love; DJ Switch Speaks On Fresh Protests

It was a packed weekend, with just about everything happening. There was the good, the bad and the ugly, and Unplug is here to let you in on all the updates. Nengi sends Ozo Valentine love, and people lose their lives in a tribal clash. All the updates right here on Unplug today.

Nengi sends Ozo Valentine Love on Valentines day

February 14, observed around the world as Valentines day, was a field day for “Ozone” shippers, as Ozo took to his Instagram story to share photos of the gifts that Nengi gave him on the day. They were beautiful items from Remy Martin! Could their love be seriously budding this time?

Vee dragged Ka3na for a controversial tweet she made that seemed to undermine the efforts and rights of peaceful protesters. Vee took to the comments underneath Ka3nas tweet and called her out for chasing clout with such a sensitive issue.

While Vee attacked Ka3na, another Twitter user attacked her and seemed to allude to abusing her. Enter, Neo. Neo immediately took to the defense of his girlfriend, Vee and trust me, you love to see things like this.

Don Jazzy has revealed why he cannot be with just one woman, and according to him, he cannot hold attraction for just one person. This most likely explains why he has never been seen in a relationship or something of the sort.

DJ Cuppy and Fireboy were seen in some really steamy photos that DJ Cuppy tweeted, and people are wondering what might be brewing between the two. We are here for all of it!

A lady on Twitter claimed that she received money from a man. That in itself might sound very ordinary, until you hear the amount involved. She shared a screenshot of a credit alert of 90,000,000 (ninety million) naira. Yes. You read that right. Whether that is true and real or not, your guess is as good as mine.

During the weekend, it went viral how Mr Macaroni got arrested along with about 38 other people who took to the streets for the OccupyLekki protests. Mr Macaroni was released sometime later and he made a video to explain what happened and how they were stripped and beaten by the police.

DJ Switch continues to be a major voice in the call to end police brutality and bad governance in Nigeria and again she was the forefront, lending her voice on social media during the protest on Saturday. She also tweeted that she would be revealing something on the 17th of this month. This has gotten the attention of people, and we await the date.

In a very unfortunate and sad development during the weekend, Hausa and Yoruba youths clashed in Shasha market in Ibadan and it led to loss of some lives and a lot of property.

Superstar American rapper, Nicki Minaj is now in mourning as she lost her father in a hit and run accident. The police are currently investigating to see that the driver is brought to book.

Manchester United have lost a lot of their momentum in the title race this season, as they were held to a 1-1 draw away to West Bromwich Albion.

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