8 Years Waiting Mother of Triplets Die after Comedian Help Raise Fund (Pics)

A mother (name withheld) just died after giving birth to triplets in an undisclosed hospital.

Comedian Koboko and other well-wishers at the child-bearing scene, just before the woman passed away, rallied around to sought for money and donate to the family for the children’s upkeep.

Also at the tragic scene was the husband of the deceased, crying and asking God to return life to the body of his wife.

The tragic incident happened after childbirth. The woman was alive for some time before drawing her last breath.

8 Years Waiting Mother Of Triplets Die After Comedian Help Raise Fund (Pics)

They amassed up to three hundred thousand naira (N300,000), even with the support of the instagramcomedian, and headed straight back to the hospital to give the woman and her family.

On getting to the premises, they learnt that she had just died. The late woman’s mother in the hospital was tasked with taking care of the children. She was spotted already carrying one of the babies.

On his Twitter handle @kobokolaugh, he posted the video with this caption:

“What would’ve been a day of happiness for the family of the triplets has turned out to be a day of mourning. We were able to raise over 300k from various platforms, and when we got to the hospital, the woman had died.”

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