7 Traffic Robbers Disguised as Vendors, Beggars, Arrested in Lagos

Some traffic robbers camouflaging as road vendors and beggars have been arrested by the combined forces of the Lagos State Police Command and the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW.

Seven of the criminals were apprehended while carrying out their operations in different parts of the state without thinking that they were going to meet their waterloo.

Pictures of their arrest have since been trending on the micro-blogging platform showing ropes tied around their wrists and binding them together without any space to stay apart from themselves.

Reactions on Traffic Robbery Incidents

According to the @Sagamite654, on his Twitter page, “Honestly, what these boys need are a regular source of income to irk a living. The NGOs should come to their aid as the government is overwhelmed with responsibilities. God bless Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, others are not even convinced of the arrest as they believe NURTW would release the criminals after the publicity stunt with the police.

@JacobUloko said that, ‘They will be released as soon as they are taken to court,’ while his counterpart, @Victoraj33 revealed whether criminals can arrest catch fellow criminals, referring his message to NURTW.

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