BBNaija Update: 6 Lessons About WhiteMoney, Pere- Uti Nwachukwu

An Ex-winner of the Big Brother Africa, BBA, Uti Nwachukwu, has reacted to the outburst between Big Brother Naija housemates, WhiteMoney and Pere. 

Uti, in a post on his Instagram handle, noted that bullying is unacceptable, adding that every human being deserves to be treated with optimal respect.

According to the reality star, there are three likely scenarios regarding the face-off. He said it could be that Pere is playing a script as one of the wildcards to create drama or just playing a ruthless game by taunting WhiteMoney.

Uti further described the Big Brother reality TV show as a social experiment as he highlighted seven lessons about the drama that ensured between the two housemates.

Lessons About WhiteMoney, Pere’s Face-Off

1. You choose how you want to be perceived and be audacious about it regardless of what anyone thinks. Own who you are.

2. Always stand up for yourself, speak up, and put people in their place.

3. When you are in an environment with stringent rules, emotional intelligence is the highest and most lethal weapon you should possess.

Bbnaija Update: 6 Lessons About Whitemoney, Pere- Uti
BBNaija housemate, WhiteMoney

4. The world is a mixture of what we perceive as good and bad; people would love or hate you for either depending on what THEY are currently going thru or have gone through.

5. In a real-life scenario, the word sorry, said sincerely, can douse the harshest of emotional fires.

6. The next time you are about to use your status, money or physical appearance to oppress the next person, well, now You know how it feels. Nigerians need to learn this because many people want to get rich to crush the next man with their money and guards/Mopol.

The drama between the two male housemates broke out after one of the housemates, Cross, introduced a game to the house called “Whisper”. The game was that a housemate will whisper something about another housemate to someone and can’t tell the person involved about the question (read more here).

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