5 Ways Nigerian Students Awaits Exam Results

Nigerian students just like every other student in other parts of the world are tested to be promoted to the next class.

Examination is therefore a key tool in assessing one’s ability after some periods of learning. The ways Nigerian students await the outcome of exams in secondary or tertiary level is just too much.

If you study in this part of the world, you should be able to relate to these scenarios on how Nigerian students await their exam results.

5 Ways Nigerian Students Awaits Exam Results

5 Ways Nigerian Students Awaits Exam Results 1
When you wish there are 12 planets after picking 12 in your exam

Here are 5 ways you would probably see Nigerian students await the outcome of the examination they’ve done:

  1. Assessing other candidates: If after the exam, you ask someone you know is very brilliant their answers to some of the questions in the exam and you seem not be in same line with their answers, deep down you heading for failure. If you are the type that ask around after the exam, then you have the outcome set in your mind even before the release.
  2. Praying & Fasting: Nigeria is a very religious country; spiritual matters are put in many affairs of the people. When you know you’ve performed woefully in an exam especially one which involve payment of fees, Nigerian students take to praying and fasting as a way out. We all need a miracle to turn an intending 06 score to 60% even when we didn’t prepare and write well. Hmmm! We all know the outcome of such moves though.
  3. Rewriting: Some Nigerian students after they’ve written their exam still go back home to re-write the exam and score themselves especially the examinations that you leave with the question paper. Here, you hope a wrong answer turns right before the result comes out. Imagine someone expecting the number of planets suddenly change from 9 to 11 before the result come out lol!
  4. Thinking: If you have written professional exams that cost you more money, then you are very much in this shoe. Some people can’t just take their mind out of the possible outcome of the exam. If you need a good grade in your TOEFL exam to travel and study abroad then the outcome of the exam will ring in your head. The sound here is higher than that of the plane that will take you outside the country.
  5. Believing: This time, some hold on to their belief system for a better result. Imagine keeping your question paper or writing materials inside the Holy Books (Bible/Quran) for a good result lol! This is the time you know and believe things can turn around because you can’t afford to write that exam again.

These are some of the ways Nigerians await the result of examinations written. Do share with us the category you fall into in the comment section and if not, let us know your way of awaiting an exam result.

Thanks for reading this piece.

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