5 Things You Should Never Do On Social Media

Some artists get discovered on social media, money is raised for good causes via social media, some people meet great friends through social media, some people learn new things on social media, and some people ruin their lives through social media. Here’s how not to be the latter:

1. Harassing others

No one likes a stalker or a cyberbully. No one likes to be harassed on social media, this is particularly offensive. Building a reputation as someone who bullies people online is an act that will affect you negatively in the future.

2. Talking about your relationships issues on social media

No one wants to know about the issues in your relationship, we don’t want to know about your battles and differences with your partner. If it is not working, try to fix it and please don’t bring those issues to social media. That is a personal issue that should be kept to yourself.

3. Saying something nasty about your coworkers, employees or boss

You could be shooting yourself on your foot when you do this. You could be friends with an employee, boss or coworker and bring your differences to social media. Doing this puts a spotlight on what is going on and could create sentiments and negative feelings from those you know.

4. Tagging someone in a terrible photo

This might seem like a slight issue but it’s not cool or kind to post a picture of someone in a highly compromising situation. Some things are better left offline.

5. Using F words

Such social cruelty could work just fine in your private life but it could be derogatory on social media. Swearing and cursing should be for a profane environment and not for all readers to see.

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