5 Things We Observed in Return of Football Matches in German Bundesliga

Football matches returned in the German Bundesliga after several weeks of lockdown in many parts of the world. There has been some laid down rules to help in staying safe from COVID-19 in time like this which has been observed in matches played over the weekend in Germany.

Although there are questions raised by followers of the game concerning the new rules by the football governing bodies. However, it would suit you to see the new adjustments made by the teams who played in the return to football matches over the weekend.

5 Things We Observed in Return of Football Matches in German Bundesliga

Football Matches
Erling Haaland and teammates doing social distancing celebration
5 Things We Observed In Return Of Football Matches In German Bundesliga 1
Shalke O4 bench during the weekend

Here are the top actions that took place since football matches returned to various stadia in the German Bundesliga. In the attempt to stay clear from COVID-19, these following actions were observed by football fans.

  1. Social Distancing Celebration: One of the measures taken to prevent COVID-19 is social distancing i.e. staying some few meters apart from the next person. This was observed as Borussia Dortmund forward, Erling Haaland fired in the first goal in the return of football matches. The Norwegian ran towards the corner flag area then his teammates made sure they kept some distances away as they celebrate their first of 4 goals in the match.
  2. Interview with Players and Coaches: Social distancing was kept in pre & post-match interviews in the German Bundesliga. Journalists stood 2 meters apart from the coaches and players they were interviewing with the help of an outstretched microphone. This new development is certain to be continued in other leagues where football actions would likely return in coming weeks.
  3. No Exchange of Jersey: Forget it, if your dream is to add a Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey to your cabinet in the coming weeks. There was nothing like exchange of jerseys by players during the matches played over the weekend. This is one of the several measures taken to ensure players are safe from contracting the deadly coronavirus.
  4. Social Distancing Bench Formation: Social distancing was observed in the sitting formation of players on the substitute bench. Players sat two meters apart with face mask on their faces as they watched on. This is one of the new developments observed during the football matches played over the weekend.
  5. Celebrating in an Empty stand: Borussia Dortmund players waved to an empty yellow wall while in the German Bundesliga 2, Dimitrij Nazarov of Erzebirge Aue celebrates his goal against Sandhausen by running to the stands, sat like a supporter then applauds himself in a creative celebration. This gesture is to show the impact of football fans in football matches.

Although players still mark themselves during corner kicks and still stand together during free kicks and in the tunnels. Who knows if these measures taken would be enough to stay safe during this pandemic?

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